Today the kids and I went to visit Djina, Verdli and the newest member of their family Djinia. 

Djina and baby Djinia

 Three month old Djinia is adorable, growing and developing great.  I also got to meet Djina's mother.  When we started talking all the pieces started falling together.  Djina's sister is Yola.  I spoke with and studied with Yola for a year.  She had a vast knowledge of the Bible but just couldn't bring herself to serve Christ.  Even though she knew Christ was the right choice.  Then Yola moved away.  I hadn't seen Yola in over nine months until just the other day.

Yola was happy to report that she was following the Lord, loved the Lord, attending church and just waiting until the chance when she could be baptized.  Praise the Lord!

Verdli and his little sis Djinia

 I found out today that Djina and Yola's mom is a faithful Christian, thus Yola's vast Bible knowledge.  Please pray with me for Djina, her husband and her brother, as even today as I gently checked with her, she quietly, yet confidently let me know that she has not changed her mind, she did not want to follow the Lord.

Sandli, Verdli, Djina's mom, Djinet, and her brother Alclaudin

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