Today the kids and I went to visit Djina, Verdli and the newest member of their family Djinia. 

Djina and baby Djinia

 Three month old Djinia is adorable, growing and developing great.  I also got to meet Djina's mother.  When we started talking all the pieces started falling together.  Djina's sister is Yola.  I spoke with and studied with Yola for a year.  She had a vast knowledge of the Bible but just couldn't bring herself to serve Christ.  Even though she knew Christ was the right choice.  Then Yola moved away.  I hadn't seen Yola in over nine months until just the other day.

Yola was happy to report that she was following the Lord, loved the Lord, attending church and just waiting until the chance when she could be baptized.  Praise the Lord!

Verdli and his little sis Djinia

 I found out today that Djina and Yola's mom is a faithful Christian, thus Yola's vast Bible knowledge.  Please pray with me for Djina, her husband and her brother, as even today as I gently checked with her, she quietly, yet confidently let me know that she has not changed her mind, she did not want to follow the Lord.

Sandli, Verdli, Djina's mom, Djinet, and her brother Alclaudin

Uncle Tim!!

Uncle Tim is here!! (okay I am really slow...he arrived on Thursday and we are really glad that he is here.)

And Sam put him right to work on the new apartment.  It has just been freshly painted.  It is amazing how much paint can make things seem more done.  There is still lots to do, but there is some major progress being made.   

They did take a short break to try and catch

 a snake hanging out in a tree here on campus.

That was making everyone get just a little too excited.

But, Tim can't come all the way to the Caribbean, in the middle of winter, just to work...

A beach trip was definitely in order.


So we took the boat around to Dhaloo Beach. Tim thought that this way to the beach was great as he hiked to the beach last time he was in Haiti, Biga wasn't so sure.

It was a perfect day,

and we all had a great time.

Sunday we had a great opportunity for church.

We went to the Cap Haitian prison for church.

 Romual, one of the group of 60 people that Sam and Junior trained last summer, asked us to come with a preacher.  We were so blessed to have Brent Sleasman, one of the visiting professors, ready and willing to fill the need. 

This group of prisoners sang a special.  It was really good.

After the service Romual's group, who lead the service, handed out Bibles and we got a little time to talk to the prisoners. 

Then we went to the pool for lunch.  

Pam (one of our regular visiting professors), and Jake (a new visitor) also joined us for the day and were a blessing to have around.

We discovered that the prison is just a stones throw away from the hotel.  From the second story at the hotel, you can actually see into the prison courtyard that we had just come from.  What a vast difference.  

At the prison I am always amazed how many people choose to follow Christ while in prison.  Which makes me, dare I say, a little glad that they are stuck in that smelly, crowed, horrible place.  To receive misery in this life, but relationship with the Lord forever.  The love of Christ is so amazing.  I just want to scoop people up and help them experience a real relationship with Christ, before misery, before lonely struggle, before they pass on, before they spend one more minute without the one true Lord right there with them.  Prison, is always a clear reminder for everyone that people need the Lord, but the reality is that EVERYONE without the Lord is in the same position.  They are slaves to sin, captive to sin and in desperate need of a savior.  My prayer is that the Lord will keep that right before me, each day, with each nice, friendly, "good" but lost person.

Happy Birthday Gideon!

Gideon had his 8th Birthday today!
We asked him what he wanted to do with his friends today,  and his competitive spirit came out.
We had foot races, bike races, stilt races,  and crab walking races!!

He wanted purple frosting and a volcano... huh?  It's his birthday... why not! 

Happy Birthday Gideon!   We love you!

Meyer Family

 Ryan, Anita, Lindsay and Cody Meyer were here for Christmas!!

We had such a good time.

It is so nice to be around people that build you up at every turn.

They were silly with us. 

(Note the "Christmas Tree" in the background)

Gideon and Azi think Cody should have just stayed and become their big brother.

They jumped right in there and lived life with us.

 After about 36 hours without sleep, walked down the dusty road and helped with Bible study.

We were even blessed by Anita and Lindsay painting.

 and Ryan and Lindsay building. 

For church on Sunday we made the hike to Coup-A-David.

It was a beautiful day.

With a beautiful service. (It was only about three hours long :)

If you look closely you will see the group ahead of us.

They, along with their Bible study group, treated us to the beach...

and the pool!!

Oh yeah.. we had fun!

Thank you Meyers.  You truly blessed us.